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    Birthday, bad news and a flare

    Hey everybody! So I gave myself last Friday off because Saturday was my birthday and as I had gone out for dinner Thursday I needed to rest. I am sure my fellow Spoonies understand and for that I am thankful! This week is starting off with payback for my birthday, bad news and a flare and I am not happy about it! My birthday was pretty chill, I visited my mother and we had some yummy food and cake and watched Bohemian Rhapsody with friends. It was a fun evening and I was thankful Amazon Prime already have it to rent because going to the cinema can be difficult for…

  • Mental Health

    Trying to still shine

    Hey everybody! Wow first of all I am really sorry that my posts have been a little hit or miss recently. My pain, depression and acne have all flared together like a tag team and though I am trying to still shine I have needed to step back a little. It can be so easy to get sucked into numbers of people reading your blog and who is following on Instagram and how many are subscribed on You Tube! But I do have to remind myself that this is not a job, I share on here because I want to keep trying to still shine my light out into the…

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    Birthday celebrations with chronic illness

    Hey everybody! -plops down in a chair- Wow I had such an amazing few days celebrating my birthday! I have been spoilt by the people who mean the most to me and I have eaten more processed food and sugar than I usually eat in a year! It was so worth it! On Thursday I was woken early, it was my birthday and I had presents to open and then I was told I needed to get showered for a surprise! The surprise was my best friend Louise and her mom, Gill coming all the way from London for the day and oh my goodness it made such an incredible…

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