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    Frustration with Fatigue

    Hey everybody! So like I mentioned earlier this week, my fatigue has kicked things up a notch and I am really hoping this is just a flare to do with the anaemia I have been put on iron tablets for. This week has been full of frustration with fatigue stopping me doing most things I want to do and when I push through it pushes back! I have started trying to do my physiotherapy exercises every other day, she told me to do them like that so they didn’t make me too tired. Then on the day I do not do that I thought I could do a little cleaning…which…

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    Fighting fatigue and gaining confidence

    Hey everybody! First of all I am very sorry I did not have a blog post out to you on Friday last week I think things caught up with me. I have been fighting fatigue and gaining confidence two things that shouldn’t go together but this week strangely do! As you know I had a bit of a stressful week with going to two disability benefits reassessments in one week! I really feel as if dealing with that has increased my fatigue to a point where I wake up a lot later in the morning than usual, and spend most of the morning, laying in bed looking more zombie than…

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