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    Let’s talk about mobility aids

    Let’s talk about mobility aids so that’s things like walkers, walking sticks, crutches, wheelchairs of all the various kinds. Anything that helps us get around in the chronic illness community a lot of people use them not all wheelchair users have to be in a wheelchair full time. Not everybody who uses a walking stick needs it all the time and I think is this big gap between what society expects and what is needed. I’ve heard of people getting abused, getting shouted at even violence because of parking in disabled parking bays! So, it’s no wonder that we feel a little bit hesitant to go outside with a walker…

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    Mobility aids,You Tube awards and Dr Phil

    Hey everybody! I am sorry I have not been as reliable with my posting recently, my health was kicking up a fuss and I needed to rest I hope you understand? I was in a flare and I am recovering now but my goodness the house is a mess! You can tell I have not been able to keep up with cleaning and my goodness is it annoying! On top of that this last week has had my attention on strange things like mobility aids,You Tube awards and Dr Phil! So I realised that recently on Instagram, as I scroll my feed, I have been noticing people announcing that they…

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