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    Important resources for the holiday season

    Hey everybody! Well we are just days away from the big day, today is winter solstice and the days are dark, the weather is not nice and everyone is under pressure to have the ‘perfect’ day! But not everyone has someone to spend the day with, not everyone has a home, not everyone has a family who support their sexuality or gender and there are people who will not be safe this holiday season so here is a list of resources. I want to make sure that as many people as possible have these important resources for the holiday season. Samaritans Samaritans.org is a safe place to talk when depressed, suicidal…

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    Dealing with Loneliness in Summer

    Hey everybody! Here in England we are having a heatwave, social media is full of people spending time with friends, and almost every night I can hear the sounds of BBQs! Usually this is a time when people get together, and because of this I think my loneliness is making itself known. As you all know, I am working on myself very hard at the moment, meditating like mad and I am currently reading the bhagavad gita. I am trying my hardest to grow and learn and to come to be content in the moment and with the life I have instead of wanting and yearning for what others have. To…

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