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    Adventures, Hobbies and Flare Ups

    Hey everybody! Wow this week has been very out of the ordinary, and I kind of feel like a fish out of water, or like the ground isn’t quite right beneath me. Its just been adventures, hobbies and flare ups and not enough rest and quiet for me to cope! On Tuesday my husband had to go to a meeting in London, and while he was looking up how to get there he realised he would be passing one of my best friends houses on the way. Louise is one of my oldest and best friends and she lives in the outskirts of London, because of this and we both…

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    Travelling with Chronic Illness

    Hi everybody! So I am really excited I am going to London tomorrow for a few days to spend some time with my best friend Louise and to see some plays. London is not the most disabled friendly of cities and I find it can be a case of lots of planning when it comes to making it happen. Thankfully, Louise has lived all her life just outside London, and has suffered with chronic illnesses for most of her life so she is used to dealing with things and is great at navigating the city. Both she and I suffer with fatigue so we have nothing planned during the days…

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