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My goals for 2024

It is a new year, and I thought we would start off the year talking about my goals for 2024, and no I don’t mean resolutions!

my goals for 2024
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Now, as I have discussed in a previous YouTube Video, resolutions don’t work, and as I read previous posts about this I know I goals have not changed too much. However, I do want to share my plans an goals for the year because I want to manifest my best year!

My Goals for 2024

Personal goals:

I think we all have things we want to do in our lives and here are mine and how I plan to do them

  • Exercise – ever since I stopped doing daily yoga I have struggled to do exercise every day, or with any real regularity. It is so hard to create new routines, but this year I am determined because it is a wonderful way to treat and reduce my chronic pain. My plan is to do one routine from my accessible playlist on YouTube every evening before bed. This will be because then I am resting afterwards and it isn’t using up energy for my day.
  • Diet – I am not into diet culture, however I have been finding myself having more food sensitivities recently. This is particularly around bread, dairy and sugar and honestly my husband and mother both love junk food! I have already started choosing my food more carefully and though I still have treats I have smaller portions and healthier versions when I can.
  • Rest – Listening to our bodies, and pacing is always important when you live with chronic pain and fatigue issues. However, though I have always tried my best not to, I always feel guilty when it comes to resting. This year I really want to do better to be compassionate to myself and to treat rest as something nice to do for myself.
  • Hobbies – This year I want to take my hobbies more seriously, I want to sew more regularly and read for pleasure not just witchcraft books. Using my hobbies as a chance to rest and to gain confidence is definitely going to be a journey but I am excited for it. I have already started by using my time going roleplaying on Thursdays and facing my social anxiety by ordering my own drink and talking to people there.
  • Friendships – In 2024, I am determined to spend more time with friends, either on video chats or in person. Making space for meeting for a coffee or going for lunch will help me to gain some independence, and have some amazing memories.

My Blog and YouTube Channel:

I have always wanted to do well on these platforms but never really knew how…

  • Blooming Mindfulness – This blog means so much to me, I have shared my journey with my health for so long. As I have, I’ve done everything I can to share what I have learned and to give tips and tricks that I hope have helped and inspired you. But I have never made money from the blog and this year I want to research and learn how to do that without changing my style and content.
  • YouTube – I love being a creator so much, I have put years into my channel but for some reason have really struggled to grow and I am still not monetised. In 2024, I want that to change. I am going to really be focusing on my witchcraft and doing everything I can to make videos that people enjoy and want to stick around for. Again I will do this by reading more about how to improve my editing and style as well as how to grow my channel.
  • Patreon – I have some amazing support on both platforms, but I am so lucky to have people enjoy my content and believe in me enough to support me there. I want to grow the Butterfly Family over there and my goal is to be able to have a lovely place there for people to chat about our shared interests. For only £2 a month Patreon Butterflies get access too a Discord Server, an extra YouTube video a month, and any artwork or sigils I make for free. So, if you are interested go check it out.

Overall, this year I just want to take my life more seriously and really take time to be a more ‘successful’ person. I do not want to make myself more sick, or make my hobbies stop being enjoyable, but with the cost of living and how little we get in benefits I need to try.

I really hope my goals for 2024 will be achieved, I plan on making a manifestation spell about these plans so I have every confidence. I don’t like making resolutions, but I do love to give myself goals and things to reach for in a way that I can deal with, so let me know your goals this year!

Happy New Year xx

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  • Kaz

    My theme for 2024 is self care. I need to look after myself more, which I am hoping will reduce the pain/ fatigue flares I am experiencing. Healthy food, drink more water, daily exercise either standing or in a chair, have fun, be creative and get my passion back for my hobbies.

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