Calming Blankets Review + discount code

Calming blankets review
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I was so lucky recently Calming Blankets got in touch with me to ask me to do a review of one of their weighted blankets. I have long wanted to be able to afford one, so I am so happy to be doing a Calming Blankets review!

There has been a ton of research done into the benefits of using a weighted blanket. Personally I had long heard about how it was good for people on the autistic spectrum and with anxiety. However, I have recently been hearing about how weighted blankets can help chronic pain.

I have several chronic illnesses that cause me to have widespread pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression. I have long wanted to try a weighted blanket and honestly this blanket did not disappoint! I was sent an adult weighted blanket in Ocean and it is such a lovely blanket.

How I used the calming blanket:

Anxiety – I have an anxiety disorder, and with this pandemic going on it kind of feels like the world has gone insane. It is so easy to get lost in anxiety and to worry, but when that hit me I would snuggle up in my blanket. The calming blanket, with a soft cosy cover, really helped me to feel comforted and safe and bought those devastating thoughts to reality.

Pain – My leg pain is always worse in the evenings, so I have been using the blanket to place pressure on my legs and to help the pain. For this it is perfect, it eases the nerve pain so well and makes my restless legs be more restful which I am so thankful for.

Naps – I often need to curl up and nap, but my biggest problem is switching off enough so I can fall asleep. Using the calming blanket was incredible because it helped me to feel so comforted and to fully relax so I could sleep.

Overall, I have to admit I loved the Calming Blanket I reviewed, it was soft, and so lovely to have especially at the moment. So I am so excited that you can get £50 off your own blanket, either adult or child size using my code BEVERLEY50 what an incredible thing to do! So go now and treat yourself we all need comforting at the moment.

I am so thankful to be doing a Calming Blankets review and I hope that you will be able to use my code to get one for yourself!

Namaste xxx

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