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Spread kindness like glitter

After seeing someone bullying on Twitter, I was inspired to think more about kindness. I have spoken a lot about it here on the blog and YouTube but can we please spread kindness like glitter?

spread kindness like glitter
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[IMG]Picture shows a bottle of gold glitter has spilled with a pink wall behind[IMG]

Have you ever used glitter? It will literally go everywhere, and I mean everywhere, you will be finding glitter all over your house. Even in room you didn’t go into!

So when I say spread Kindness like glitter, I mean we should spread it everywhere even to places we didn’t think about. Show it wherever you go, be kind and think of others words we say and things we do matter. I always try to be kind so I thought why not share the few ways I try to spread kindness in my day to day life.

Spread kindness like glitter

  • Instagram – On Instagram if I see someone has created some artwork for sale, or their shop has a special offer on, then I will share it to my stories. It is free to me, but potentially could open their small business to more customers.
  • YouTube – I like, and comment on the videos I watch, this increases engagement and gets it more attention. I will also go to the creator’s Twitter and retweet the post about that video. Again these are free to me but do so much to help other creators grow.
  • Comment: If someone posts about their mental health, a selfie, a post about their outfit, why not comment? Leaving a simple sentence how someone’s hair suits them, or you are proud they managed to do something costs nothing. But everyone struggles with their mental health, everyone worries about their clothes or hair so saying something nice could really make them smile.
  • Check on a friend: Many of us feel strange messaging out of nowhere, but what if that friend was thinking about you? What about if a little message to say hello makes the difference? Why not give someone a call or write a letter, these small things can really boost a friend.

No matter how you choose to incorporate kindness, you will find that the more you do it the more it will spread. So smile at people, say something nice to the person working the till, pay someone’s bill at a restaurant. If we all do it everyday kindness will spread like glitter.

Namaste xxx

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