The migraines are back

The migraines are back
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So for a while now I have not been struggling with my chronic migraines, but now the migraines are back! Its strange because I had a doctor I saw for them and I am on medication to take when I have them. But they have not been around so I have to get used to them again.

I had two lots of botox into the base of my skull for them a couple of years ago and they really helped. Along with that I had a shield from the dentist to stop me grinding my teeth and I started drinking lots more water every day.

These things together meant that my headaches and migraines had gone and I was so thankful. If my leg is painful I can push through it and cope, but when its my head it makes me dizzy, and tired and I have to just rest. It is frustrating and very annoying to be honest.

I know I have been eating some chocolate called NOMO which I really like, but maybe there is something in that? Although it is free from food, sometimes to make things taste a certain way they add things that I could be having trouble with.

I have spoken about my stomach issues a few times and yes they are still here so I am trying different foods. It is hard to know if there is something like the chocolate that could be triggering them. So I am considering looking into a more restrictive diet but I am not looking forward to that.

It is so difficult because I know my body, something is wrong because I have pain and headaches. But doctors tests keep coming back negative or clear, so they discharge me. It is clearly they are either doing the wrong tests or their equipment that doctors now rely on so heavily cannot find it.

So the pain in my stomach is the same, and the migraines are back…no answers I wish doctors would catch up with our bodies. It feels very frustrating to ask for help and if you don’t fit a checklist or textbook then you are brushed aside. Does anyone else ever feel that way? How do you cope with it? Definitely let me know because I need to cope with this fear of doctors better.

Namaste xxx

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  • Sarah

    I am sorry your migraines are back because there nothing worse than chronic migraines so I hope you get some relief soon. It a little over a year before I found a medication that treated my migraines so I totally understand your frustration. I even had a doctor tell me that I was going to have to live with my migraines because there was nothing that could help me. Luckily we found something but during the time I had nothing I took lots of hot baths, utilized peppermint oil and limited my time on social media because for me stress or computer screens can trigger migraines. Hope you feel better soon:)

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