Muggle sick with chronic illness

Muggle sick with chronic illness
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A couple of days ago I went on a double date with hubby and some friends, the next morning I woke up with a cold. This time of year when leaving the house is something that you can rarely do, catching a cold is really easy to do! My husband who goes to work is fine, because he has a stronger immune system, I on the other hand am muggle sick with chronic illnesses!

When normal people sick comes it makes your other illnesses and pain flare, you feel your own illnesses as well as the miserable feeling of having a cold. It is easy to feel like you should push through because other people do, I mean it’s only a cold right?

Being muggle sick with chronic illnesses:

  1. It’s important to listen to your body – you will need to rest more and be kind to yourself, your body is already trying to fight your chronic illnesses. When you have normal illnesses like a cold on top of that your body is working even harder, you will be more tired. Pushing your body will only lead to you being sick for longer and your illness potentially getting worse.
  2. Plenty of fluids– staying hydrated is always important, but when you have a cold it’s even more important. Drinks like tea and lemsip will help your body stay warm and stay hydrated while it fights off the new illness.
  3. Keep warm – speaking of, having a cold gives you a clue in the title! The virus cannot thrive in the warm which is why we get a temperature. Wrapping up in a blanket and having hot drinks will help your body to fight it even more.
  4. Be patient – jobs and tasks you have planned might have to wait, you might have to pace out your time even more than usual. This is so you have more time to rest, your body will get tired even faster so be patient and rest as much as your body needs.
  5. Take time for yourself – being in bed or curled up on the sofa can be the perfect time to binge watch a tv show you have been meaning to watch or take up a hobby like knitting. Take time to rest and chill out as much as possible.

I hope if you catch a cold like I did that it goes soon, there is nothing worse than realising you are muggle sick with chronic illnesses. I hope these tips help and let me know what you are binge watching I love finding new shows.

Namaste xxx

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