Updated Rollz Motion Review

I had a message on Instagram from Rollz asking me if I would be able to do an updated Rollz Motion review, and I of course said yes. This is a wonderful little mobility aid that packs a punch and I will tell you why.

updated rollz motion review
[IMG]Picture shows Beverley, a white woman, sitting in the Rollz motion in the walker and seat position[IMG]

I have had the Rollz Motion for about a year ago now, and honestly I was impressed the moment it arrived. The genius design means that it easily changes from a walker with a seat, perfect for people with chronic fatigue like me, to a wheelchair. The best thing is that though it is sturdy and easily takes you from walker to wheelchair, it is not heavy or difficult to maneuver.

In the past, when I have gone out for a day, I have needed to have my wheelchair and walking stick because I am an ambulatory wheelchair user. This means that though I cannot walk far, I can walk a little and so I sometimes need a wheelchair. But a day out where you have no choice but to be pushed in a chair can take away your independance and if I am honest can be so frustrating!

But now, all I need is my Rollz Motion, usually I will use it as a wheelchair when walking between shops, and then turn it into the walker to look around. This makes it so much easier to look around at my own pace without relying on the person pushing to be patient enough to let me browse.

The great thing about it is it is my choice, if my legs are hurting, or if I am waiting in a queue I can sit for a while. It makes me feel in control a lot more than my old wheelchair, which needed to be pushed by someone else as well, but if I wanted to walk the other person had to push an empty wheelchair. With the Rollz Motion, everything has a pocket or a place so that it looks nice when it is a walker too.

[IMG]Picture shows Beverley stood up using the Rollz Motion as a walker[IMG]

I often get comments on the colour and style of it too, I chose the limited edition purple and its such a cool looking design. I am a huge fan of playing with fashion, and I dress in a vintage style so having a mobility aid that looks cool was important to me. I am in my 40s so I didn’t want something old fashioned looking like a lot of mobility aids are.

Overall, I would 100% recommend this to any ambulatory wheelchair user, it is such a useful, lightweight option. It is light and easy to transport, I have had many a taxi driver comment to my husband how easily it fits into the boot of any car because it folds down so well.

If you enjoyed this updated Rollz Motion review and would like to treat yourself to one, head over to to get more information.

Thank you xx

*I was given vouchers in exchange for this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I payed for the rollator with my own money.
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