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Unpredictable British weather causing pain

unpredictable british weather causing pain
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Oh yes it is that time of year again, and unpredictable British weather is causing pain! By now I should be used to it, I should be prepared and armed for all occurrences because here we never know what we are going to get!

At the start of lockdown against Covid-19, it was hot everyone was moaning because they wanted to go outside and sunbathe and have fun. However, I had hayfever and the bright sun gave me migraines as well as playing with my ME. I was struggling with the heat and without the ability to go thrifting, I had no clothes to wear for the season.

I treated myself to some sundresses from Shein as a stop gap, but almost the moment I hit payment the weather changed. Now it is much more like autumn, cold, blustery and overcast, which brings it’s own challenges! For me this means more pain from my joints, swollen and painful feet and fatigue!

Coping with unpredictable British weather:

  • Carry sunglasses everywhere – I keep sunglasses always to hand, bright lights like overhead florescent lights as well as sunlight can trigger migraines and ME symptoms.
  • Keep your body temperature constant – This is hard in the UK as most of us do not have access to air conditioning. However, keeping a blanket close by, or a fan, keeping hydrated and dressing for the weather will help.
  • Use gadgets to keep cool – In the summer it can get hot here in the UK but gadgets like cooling mats and head wraps can make such a difference.
  • Listen to your body – This is really important! If everyone else is hot but you are cold, wrap you. If you are hot and everyone else is cold cool yourself down. Many people with chronic illnesses struggle to regulate their body temperatures so always listen to what your body is saying to you.

So when the unpredictable British weather is causing pain, make sure to be prepared and go to your doctor if it causes a flare. Consistency is what our bodies need with chronic illness, so find the things that work for you and do it every day.

Namaste xxx

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