Overwhelm in witchcraft

I am loving my spiritual journey, especially now I know what kind of witch I am and can focus my studies. But recently I have been feeling like I have too much to learn and do and it has been a lot! So I thought we could take some time to talk about overwhelm in witchcraft.

overwhelm in witchcraft
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When I started on this journey, I was very much based in spirituality, learning yoga, meditation and mindfulness (hence the name of this blog). But that soon moved me into witchcraft when I started learning to be a psychic. Though that didn’t last, I am thankful for the path it got me travelling down.

A lot has changed in my practice, and I can do an update video about that in the future. But as I have focused my craft, I have found myself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to take in.

Any other witches out there can probably attest to the fact that 90% of your time is spent reading and researching. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love doing both of these things, and now I made my grimoire I am loving it even more!

But I think anyone on this sort of journey will find themselves, from time to time, feeling overwhelmed. How can you not just with the amount of labels a witch can give themselves, books to read, tarot to learn, protection magic….the list goes on and on!

Overwhelm in Witchcraft

So I have done some research and here are some tips for you if you are feeling it:

  • Don’t rush – Often when we research something we are passionate about, we rush. We want to know every little thing right now, but why rush? Take your time and really understand and know the topic you are interested in.
  • Go over your research – I love reading books, often highlighting text, taking notes from videos and filling journals with thoughts. Why race to the next topic, instead take your time going over your notes and transferring them into one place. This could be your grimoire, book of shadows, or just a nice binder.
  • Be picky – You may want to know about ten things, but if you want to really know a topic you have to narrow it down. So pick just a few things at a time, and only one big topic. For example nobody can learn astrology, tarot and protective spell work at once, it is just too much.
  • Have patience – There is no time limit on learning, in fact, if you are on a witchcraft journey, then you will be learning the rest of your life. It is a personal journey, not a race, so have patience and slow down.

I really hope that if you are feeling overwhelm in witchcraft that this article helps you not to feel alone. I also hope I gave you some tips to help you cope and to SLOW DOWN!

Namaste xxx

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