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looking ahead to 2023

A new year is knocking on the door, and if you are like me, I am sure you are looking ahead to 2023, so let’s chat about my plans for the year.

looking ahead to 2023
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As a new year comes into view, I think we all look for ways to improve as a person and the things we want to get better at. I know for me as I figure out my life and look to where I want to be this time next year, I feel inspired. I want to actually make money not just pay out money as a creator so yeah big dreams for me as a person who always saw this as a hobby.

But there comes a point when we have to realise how much time and energy is being put into the things we enjoy. I spend a lot of my day doing things for my blog and YouTube, like picking out nice outfits, posting outfits of the day on Instagram, making TikToks and planning videos and blog posts. On top of that are the recording of videos, writing blog posts, editing and sharing them out so people see them.

As well as my time, I spend £70 a month on webhosting for my blog, editing software, and online support for posting my videos like TubeBuddy. It all quickly adds up, and yet I am just a disabled woman who only gets disability benefits.

I have now started a Patreon and a KoFi, both are just one tier of £2 a month and for that you get mentioned in my YouTube videos. I hope that you will consider supporting me there or at least following me on KoFi so you know when I update my blog and YouTube.

So, the main aim for me looking ahead to 2023, is to try and actually make money through this blog and my YouTube channel. If you are not yet subscribed, please go to my channel, and click subscribe it is free and helps a lot. Also watch my videos, even if you have them playing on mute while you do other things, I need enough watch time in order to monetise my videos and that would be such a big help.

I also want to read more, both fiction and non-fiction, and I definitely want to spend more time reading than I have been over the last year. I have really been struggling with reading ever since a bad bout of depression at the start of last year. The idea of reading like I used to is something I would love to be doing so I really hope so.

Now, if you have been on my blog for a while, you will know I used to do yoga every single day, but since getting diagnosed with EDS, that had to change. I found myself a little lost as to what kind of exercise to do and made an accessible exercise playlist to try and help me.

I definitely want to start doing one workout from that playlist every evening before getting into bed to try and stabilise my joints and to feel healthier in myself. I know I would love to lose a little weight as well and I hope that will help me. I also have this kind of hula hoop that has a weight to it and I would like to use that for ten minutes every other day so I can get some cardio and have a healthy heart.

I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions, but these are things I would love to work on and focus on in the coming year. I hope you are looking ahead to 2023 with plans and ideas of what your year could look.

Happy New Year xx

If you enjoy what I do, please support me on Ko-fi or Patreon for just £2 a month! That can help me keep my YouTube & blog going xx

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  • Kaz

    Finding out what exercise my body will accept is a difficult process. I think I have it ok now but only time will tell. I am starting to set goals for the year. The theme seems to be self care, which to be honest is what I need right now.

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