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Witchcraft self care tips

I am excited to talk about witchcraft self care tips today because honestly I have learned so much from my craft about how to really make self care sacred. I hope this article will help you, whether you are a witch or not, to think more about the small ways you can make self care feel special.

witchcraft self care tips
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So I have spoken before on this blog about witchcraft and self care, but today I am going to go a little differently and give you some ways I bring it into my time. All of us are busy these days, whether it is caring for others, work or just trying to learn new things. It can all feel very overwhelming and I know because I feel it every day, I honestly couldn’t work because everything I try to do takes so long!

When I started taking my witchcraft seriously, I realised that I was carrying too much on my back and not making enough time to really care for myself. Now this sounds crazy coming from a disabled woman, but when every little task leaves you feeling exhausted it can be hard to get the smallest things done.

So getting up the spoons and motivation to do some self care felt like far too much to be bothered with, it felt like something that could wait. However, I soon came to realise I was wrong when we moved in with my mom a year ago and became her carer. It meant I had to always have some energy available for helping her and I wanted to ensure I could enjoy my time with her.

I started to reframe what I saw as self care, I always thought it meant some big ritual bath, or facemasks and skincare, which were things I struggled with. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a ritual bath, but I need help getting in and out of a bath and they tire me out so I can’t do them often.

After some research I found bringing self care into the normal day worked so much better for me, like enchanting my tea for healing and relaxation. I also love taking a moment to meditate on our beautiful back garden, just sitting quietly and looking over the flowers while listening to birdsong. Leaving rose quartz by my mirror and charging it for promoting self love, soon I was weaving magic into my every day and finding it did not take extra time.

So I encourage you, whether you are a witch or not, to slow down and weave self care into your every day don’t leave it out assuming it has to be a big gesture. I hope these witchcraft self care tips I have shared will help you to bring more mindfulness, more magic and a slower day into your life.

Thank you xx

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