Flares and Animal Crossing

Flares and animal crossing
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Flares and Animal Crossing are things I never thought would go together, but over the last week they have really gone together for me!

So a few weeks ago I treated myself to a Nintendo Switch and the game Animal Crossing (not sponsored I wish!) I love watching people playing Sims 4 and at the moment a lot of the players are having a go at the new Animal Crossing game. It looked so cute and was so relaxing to watch so I wanted to have a go and let me just tell you…it really is!

See this last week I had a flare, my pain raised, my headaches returned, and my fatigue was just awful. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, and just felt like a blob on the sofa!

Thankfully, my switch had arrived and I had my new game, basically you live on a deserted island. You gather supplies, collect cute animals to your island, decorate and generally it is just so cute and cosy to play! I could cope with this, playing the game helped my pain because I was not focused on it, same with those intrusive thoughts and guilt!

I could play it curled on the sofa, in bed, its perfect for resting and really helped my anxiety. The whole world is on lockdown right now because of this Covid 13 virus, it feels like the start of a zombie movie! My anxiety is at 11 and honestly I am not sure how I could cope without things to keep me occupied.

I am very thankful that flares and Animal Crossing went together, I discovered a new game and rode out my flare easier. I usually find video games to be something I don’t have time for but as a flare brings lots of resting, it was perfect.

What has been helping you?

Namaste xxx

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