It’s tiring being chronically sick

Today I talk about how tiring it can be to be sick and want to still achieve more than my body will allow me.
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Hey everybody!

I am feeling a little overwhelmed and tired, and it is all because I want to be able to be a person a normal person and I want to do things and get things done but my body feels so heavy and painful and tired! I sometimes feel like I am trapped in a body that does not want to do the things I do so it tries to hold me back and stop me from doing what I want to do!

For example, today has been a good day I have done a short yoga sequence, cleaned the bathrooms, had a shower and now I want to write and catch up on things…but now I am in pain in the back of my head, my shoulders and upper back. I also feel so tired I keep having to retype words because my hands will not do what I need them to!

Part of me thinks it would be easier to give up and live in a dump let myself get fat and my brain go numb watching daytime TV!!! However, I am not built that way, I need to learn and grow I need to keep on top of my body which is squishier than I’d like, but I can only do my best right?

So, I know this post is a little moany, but to be honest that is how I feel at the moment! My husband is struggling too I think it is the weather! In the UK right now it is cloudy, hot and the air feels heavy. This kind of weather gives me a lot of headaches and my pain is always worse when the weather is up and down like the typical British summer.

Now, if you read my blog regularly you might be wondering how I am going to get myself back to the positive again????

Well, I have thought long about this and I think I am going to tackle things in smaller chunks! I am going to spread my work out through the day so maybe 10-15 minutes three times a day instead of trying to do it all in one?  Also, maybe break down my cleaning even more, so if there are a lot of ornaments in a room, maybe clean it over two days? Yes when pain and fatigue get’s overwhelming it can be easy to give up and yes I have a little weight to lose right now, but if I am patient and keep on fighting I can do this!

Namaste xxx

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  • Lee Good

    I hear you. I feel old before my time. It must be hard being young and having chronic illness. I am a grandmother and I find it hard. If it were me I think cleaning the bathrooms were the thing that made the aching in your head, shoulders and upper back. That’s what happens to me if I bend forward. It seems like our muscles get weak and deconditioned, even if we use them! So frustrating. I exercise regularly but can’t seem to build up strength.
    I agree with you about the pacing of activities – when I first decided to do it I made it fun by using a timer. I had to keep telling myself I was getting things down … just slowly. Now it comes naturally to pace myself and ask for help. In the olden days we would have had no pain if we were the rich people with lots of servants!

    • ZombieButterfly

      I so agree, building up strength is so hard! I love doing yoga and desperately want to move forward to handstands and headstands, but building up my core muscles is almost impossible because we cannot work out for long enough or hard enough to get to that point. I so wish I could afford a personal trainer so I could maybe know what I am doing wrong or how to do more in the right way?
      Pacing activities is so hard, I find it the hardest because I want my house spotless and I want to do yoga daily like I could a couple of years ago but that is getting harder and harder it is so annoying!! I agree we need servants!

    • ZombieButterfly

      Hi Susie thank you for joining me! It is always lovely to find other people who are experiencing the same things.

  • Emma

    I know exactly what you mean about having to pace things, it is so frustrating but essential for us. I have hydrotherapy weekly and have had to reduce down what I do in the pool as it was causing flare-up my physio is very good at spotting the signs and says about having 3 rest breaks a day to allow the muscles to recover. I would love to play with my niece but I am unable to very easily without hurting something.
    Living with a chronic condition is very difficult and always presents with new challenges everyday.
    Best wishes

    • ZombieButterfly

      Hi Emma, thank you so much for reading and commenting it is always nice to know you are not alone in these things! Pacing and trying to exercise and not do too much is like trying to juggle! It is so hard all we can do is try to keep going and try to learn from our mistakes! Keep fighting xx

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