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Everyday Sacred Self-care

It can be so hard to think of ways to practice everyday sacred self-care. We all know what self-care is, and that we should do it, but everyday? Today I wanted to speak more about how to bring the ritual into the mundane things we do daily.

everyday sacred self-care
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A few days ago I released a video on my You Tube talking about how it is important to do sacred self care at the end of the year. This time of the year it is all about cleansing and protecting. Even doing things such as ritual bathing to take care of ourselves and make sure we are ready for the coming year.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that self care in this way should be something we do daily. Bringing the sacred rituals into the every day is a wonderful way to invite magic into the mundane. Self care is so important and when you add in ritual and intention magic can happen all the time.

Mindfulness and intention in every moment, is a wonderful way to simply bring self-care to another level. You are a cherished, divine being, you deserve taking the time to really care for yourself. There are so many ways to bring the magic into self-care so lets talk about it:

Everyday Sacred Self-Care

  • Rest – I love a nap, I often need them with my chronic illnesses, but many people don’t realise this is a great way to practice sacred self-care. There are so many Yoga Nidra’s on YouTube that are a wonderful way to curl up under a cosy blanket and meditate while resting.
  • Food and drink – These activities are often done mechanically without us even thinking about what is going into our bodies. But what if we changed that? Choose what you eat with care and thank your food before you eat. Bless what you eat with good intentions and add ingredients and seasonings with intention. This means looking up their magical properties and bringing it into the meal. Eat slower and mindfully pay attention to the smell and taste of the food.
  • Journal – Taking time out of each day to light a candle and write about your day, the cards you pulled, or how you feel is so important. This is a way to healthily go through your day, review what made you feel good or what didn’t work.
  • Affirmations – Finding an inspiring affirmation or quote for the day is such a wonderful way to bring intention into the everyday. It helps you to put a meaning and purpose behind your day and is so inspiring.
  • Crystals – Choosing a crystal for each day to carry with you or wear is such a lovely way to help you through your day. Finding one to use with intention and knowing what the magical meaning behind the crystal is will help you so much. I often use them to meditate with and knowing the meaning behind it helps me to grow and feel supported so much.
  • Mindfulness – Yes, pushing away those negative thoughts we tell ourselves and stepping away to a positive space is life changing. It has helped me so much to not sit with my anxious or depressive thoughts and to instead keep my mind clear.

All of these things, every single time we act with mindful intention and invite magic into our lives we are loving ourselves. Everyday sacred self-care is an incredible way to love yourself which will lift your mental health in a way you cannot imagine. I hope you will start to bring it into your life.

Namaste xxx

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