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Goodbye 2020

I think a lot of us are happy to be saying goodbye to 2020 this week. It has been such a crazy year for the human race, but today I want to talk about how my life changed. So much happened for me personally this year so lets chat.

Goodbye 2020
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I started out this year very happy and settled, we had been living in our home for nine years and loved it. The problem was my husband worked six days a week and then had three days off, he was working just to pay for the house. He was struggling with fatigue and we wanted to find a way to get mortgage free so he could go part time.

Lee is an incredible artist, but had lost his muse as he was struggling to have the motivation for it. We started looking into getting a tiny home and maybe living on a local farm though we were in the planning stages. When my birthday came in March though we didn’t really have anything concrete but something we wanted to achieve.

Then came Covid-19, a horrible illness that swept over the world and bought it to a standstill just days after my birthday. Soon after this we got a phone call from my Mom, she has Multiple Sclerosis and has lived alone since my Dad left her a few years ago.

She had fallen and was struggling so we went over to help, she was in such a state and we realised that she was not coping. Like many people in her situation she had been hiding how bad things had become. So me and my husband made the decision to sell our home and move back to Moms where I had grown up.

At first, we planned to convert the garage into a tiny home, but couldn’t find a builder willing to do it. Then we had the idea to build some kind of tiny home in the garden because I didn’t want to live in my childhood bedroom. Then my Mom suggested that we swap rooms, so she has my room and I have hers.

Decision made we swapped rooms, both me and my mom felt so much better and it was a lovely change for Mom. She needed this and hadn’t realised because she wanted to get away from the room she had shared with Dad. Plus her room was bigger and much better for me and Lee to share.

Now we are planning to convert the garage into an art studio for Lee and have an area for me to record my YouTube videos. We are still only half unpacked, and the house is kind of a mess, but moving was such a good idea.

2020 was a crazy year, it was full of upheaval and spiritual growth with people taking up new hobbies and starting to slow their lives. Honestly, this year has been hard, but it has also bought many blessings. I hope we continue to grow and learn over 2021 and no matter what it brings, we make the most of it.

Goodbye 2020, it was quite the ride and we are glad to be at the end of you!

Namaste xxx

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