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Spring is bringing renewed confidence

Spring is bringing renewed confidence
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Hey everybody!

Wow spring has sprung here in the UK finally and it feels lovely to have warm air and sunshine again! I can feel changes in myself and it feels really good because spring is bringing renewed confidence and I am not used to that, it feels pretty good though!

If you have been following my blog and my You Tube channel, then you will know I have gone through a lot of changes over the last year or so. I have always tried to walk with God, but I have really found myself open up to true faith that has nothing to do with religion. It has been so mind blowing at times but something that I have tried to bring you along with.

Over the winter months I, as a lot of people do, found myself struggling with my mental health at times. It was difficult to keep going with my spiritual journey at times, but now as spring wakes up I definitely find myself waking up with it.

It is funny to think of me having confidence, I second guess myself constantly and seek approval from people around me instead of trusting myself. But since learning to trust my intuition and to step back and really listen to what my guides are telling me my confidence has grown.

It’s so good to know that everything I have been working on is paying off and leading me to gaining a renewed sense of confidence. I do things without asking if it is OK, I put together outfits without caring what anyone else thinks of them! And I am making spiritual decisions based on my intuition and not what a book or religion says.

And this is running over into my health as well, because I am listening to my body. I have always worried about getting jobs done and having lists to complete, which led me to pushing too much. But now I am being mindful and listening to my body more I have definitely noticed I am resting when needed.

Though this is no cure, it has meant that some jobs get put off, and maybe I will spend a little longer in bed so I get the rest needed. I would most definitely recommend mindfulness to anyone who wants to work with their body instead of against it. It has definitely meant that Spring is bringing renewed confidence and less fatigue because of it.

Namaste xxx

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