Looking ahead at the end of the year

looking ahead at the end of the year
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Hey everybody,

Sometimes it takes opening up to make things happen as you start looking ahead at the end of the year. I have been working hard to try not to be a people pleaser anymore but after being one for so long it is kind of hard to just change you know? 

However, though I have been working hard to learn to be a psychicover the last two years, it never felt right to me and I was scared to tell my teacher the lovely Linda, in case I upset her or let her down. 

But I really do not enjoy talking about and to people who have passed on. I was doing that because I had been told to do it when I saw a psychic myself. On reflection though, I really feel as if she was setting me on my spiritual journey and did not mean that I force myself to become something I do not want to become. 

So I finally spoke to Linda and the relief I felt was immediate! Honestly it just felt so good to be open and to trust that the friendship we have built is stronger than me just saying I do not feel this is my path.

We talked and now I think I am going to take her Meditation coursein March. The course shows you how to teach meditation and how to lead classes. This is much more me and I am so excited to start! As well as that, when we have the money, I am hoping to learn Reiki and her course looks amazing so I cannot wait!!

It really showed me that this is my path, this is my journey and I should feel confident enough to speak up. I do not know what the future holds for me, but I definitely want to help people heal and to improve themselves and I know the right things will cross my path at the right times if I stay true to myself. 

As for my health? Well it could be better….

My pain in my upper abdomen is still there, even after coming off the meds that reacted with the antibiotics to cause gastritis. I had a blood test, but honestly they just came back to tell me I am anaemic and said nothing about my liver function which was the point of the test! 

I am concerned about my liver, but getting to see our doctor is harder than having tea with the queen so I do not know what to do! I keep worrying my liver is bleeding and that is why I am anaemic, but then I try and remember I have chronic illnesses so maybe it will just take longer for me to recover? 

I feel awful today though, very tired and shaky and urgh and my stomach is swollen and painful and honestly? I just want to go to bed! I had an awful nights sleep and my pain is pretty bad so yeah might take a nap after this…

Namaste xxx

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