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One of those days…

Yes, today is one of those days, you know when everything hurts and you feel like you could nap for about a year quite happily. So instead of heading to bed, I thought we would talk about it.

One of those days
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Most of the time I am able to cope, most days my pain is well managed with my medications and as long as I pace myself I feel ok. But then from time to time, and out of nowhere, there are days like today where the pain pushes through anything I take and I am tired no matter what I do. These days are not easy, and are often not spoken about so today I thought I would take the time to do just that.

I have a few chronic illnesses, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and they are a lot to deal with. Many of the symptoms of them are similar so it kind of feels like a tag team taking it in turn to try and bring me down and take me out. However, over the years I have learned techniques to help me achieve things and move forward in my life goals even with them.

Some days though are just too much, it is almost as if someone turned the volume up on the illnesses and no matter if you take extra meds they are going to win. Often I find myself struggling on days like this not only with pain and fatigue, but also with my mental health. I feel frustrated and depressed because the techniques that usually work are too much for my pain and fatigue filled mind to do.

One of those days….

If you have a day like this, here are some tips and tricks that work for me:

  • Be kind – This is a big one, anything that gives you comfort, that makes you smile do it! If you have negative thoughts push them aside, and remember things will take longer to do today. Just be extra kind to yourself.
  • Clothing – If you are able to get dressed, make sure your clothes are soft and not too tight you want to lessen the pain so choose what you wear carefully.
  • Food and drink – You might have nausea because of the pain, eat some ginger biscuits, have toast but no matter what eat little and often. Stay hydrated, drink water and be careful to keep sipping as dehydration can cause nausea too.
  • Keep occupied – Days like this can feel long, boring and hard to focus on things, so choose TV shows and films you have seen before. This is so you don’t have to concentrate too much and if you fall asleep you won’t miss anything!
  • Leave it till tomorrow – Yes I think many of us try to get things done and to not be a burden, as long as you pace your time then usually that is fine. But on days like today, it is time to rest, it is time to leave those jobs alone and rest.

I really hope that next time you have one of those days, these tips and tricks will help you to have a good day and make sure it only lasts one day. Now I am off for a Disney movie and a nap…

Thank you xx

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