45 things I learned in  45 years

Tomorrow, March 16th, is my birthday and I have seen a lot of people do this but I think I will share 45 things I learned in  45 years.

45 things I learned in  45 years.
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I often get told I do not look my age, something I want to leap about and celebrate, but in reality does it matter? Society likes to convince us that we matter less as we age, that we are less attractive and have less to give.

However, I feel the exact opposite! As I get older I accept myself and understand myself a lot more, I care less what others think and I enjoy life more than I ever did when I was younger. So, let me share with you the things I have learned so far in the first half of my life.

45 things I learned in 45 years:

  1. Most people care more about how they look to care about what you are wearing
  2. People who are mean are not worth your time or energy
  3. There is always something to fight for, find that thing and keep fighting
  4. Speak up if you need help, most of the people around you want to be there for you
  5. Mindfulness is more than just meditation and if you practice it will change your life
  6. Take inspiration pictures with you to the hairdressers, you will like your hairstyle more if you do
  7. Drink more water, its annoying but it does make you feel better
  8. Fruit is good for you but if you are not a big fan try creative ways to bring it into your diet
  9. Some family members can be toxic, don’t let people bully you into having them in your life
  10. Wear sunscreen (LOL that song)
  11. Keep trying new things, don’t be afraid to experiment to find the thing you love
  12. You do not have to know what career you want to do when you are in school
  13. Maths is not as important as school makes out
  14. Everyone is needed in the world, you are different that is a good thing so walk your weird path
  15. Religion is just different cultures trying to understand the infinite, none of them are right and none are wrong
  16. Dance whenever you can it will make you smile and keep your body happy
  17. A little light exercise every day is a good thing
  18. You do not have to listen to your negative thoughts
  19. If you don’t like something that someone else loves, just keep scrolling and say nothing
  20. Work is not everything, neither is money or how much someone earns
  21. Pretty dresses make me inexplicably happy find the thing that does that for you and do more of it
  22. Modern medicine can be barbaric at times do not trust every medical professional
  23. Disability can happen to anyone at any time, so value and treasure your health
  24. Try everything your therapist suggests for at least a month before saying it is rubbish
  25. Bed socks are a game changer when you want to be cosy
  26. Real love does not feel like the movies, in reality it is like coming home a comfort you cannot explain
  27. Anything worth having or doing will take work and effort
  28. Always do your best without judgement
  29. Don’t follow fashion wear things that make you feel as good as a night out every day
  30. Home should feel safe and happy otherwise it isn’t home
  31. If something or someone makes you feel unhappy re-evaluate if it is needed in your life
  32. There is magic all around you, open your eyes to it
  33. Dogs are better than most humans
  34. A drunk group of men can never be trusted
  35. People in the past were not stupid
  36. There is nothing better than a heating pad when you have chronic pain
  37. Listen to your body, it knows when it is hungry or tired etc
  38. You are never as ugly or as fat as your brain tells you
  39. Google anything you do not know the internet has the answers
  40. Practice gratitude for the things you have instead of always chasing what you don’t
  41. Cherish the good people in your life
  42. Sometimes family isn’t related to you by blood
  43. Try to see things from other people’s side, this will give you insight & help you to keep an open mind
  44. Don’t go to bed angry

I am so excited to see what this next year has in store for me and where it will take my YouTube channel and this blog. Honestly, growing older is a good thing and as you learn and grow you become so much more valuable as a human. Cherish your elders, never stop growing and let me know if any of my 45 things I learned in 45 years resonated with you.

Thank you xx

P.S Yes I know the UK budget came out today with big news for the disabled community, but I am going to wait and see what it means and try to understand it before commenting. Things like this do trigger my anxiety so as tomorrow is my birthday I am going to pretend it is not happening xx

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