How can I help my fatigue?

what can I do to help my fatigue?
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Seriously though isn’t this the question we ask ourselves the most? How can I help my fatigue? I am sure if you suffer with it you have asked yourself this many times just as I have!

I have recently been having a lot of stomach issues which have exacerbated my fatigue, hence why my posts have not been as consistent. On my you tube channel yesterday I posted a video explaining some misconceptions surrounding fatigue.

In this video I speak about what fatigue feels like and compare that to what people think it feels like. It was interesting to do and I received some really good feedback however I wanted to help people as well. So I thought in this post I would give you some things that help me in the hope that they will help you.

1. Pacing

I have spoken about pacing before on the blog, and it is one of the hardest skills to learn. Basically it is about thinking long term and those jobs that need doing, can it wait? Do you need to devote a day or a whole week to a big job? Make sure there is time to rest and that you have asked for help if needed? You get the picture, basically this is about taking your time, slowing how you approach things and finding time to rest. Living this way can help prevent increased pain and flares and is so important to learn about.

2. Sleep

I have heard mixed things about naps, sometimes they are needed, but it is not recommended. This is because they can make it harder to sleep once you get into bed at night. Having a good sleep is so important, it helps our bodies and our mental health so much. Having a good routine before bed, along with avoiding being on the phone late at night can all be great ways to improve sleep. I do have a video about this which I hope can help.

3. Rest before events

I love spending time with my friends and going out for dates with my husband, but like anyone with chronic illness it takes a toll. Any time I go out my pain gets worse and my fatigue flares. However if I have had a good time I don’t mind as much! I find planning a couple of rest days where I do not do as much just before the event really helps me to stay out for a longer amount of time and to have more fun with less of a kickback.

4. Reduce the rubbish

Nobody likes hearing this, but sugar, caffeine and overly processed foods are not the way to go! Cut these things to a minimum and you will find your fatigue will improve this is because of sugar rush! Eating chocolate or having coffee might give you a short term boost, but you will crash soon after and that natural crash will just make your fatigue worse. Add into this that you might push too far and do too much while sugared up and you can see why it is best to keep to a minimum.

5. Consistency and routine

I have found that having a routine, doing a little exercise, going to bed at the same time, eating regularly…these are all things that help. I live a very boring life to most people as I do things at the same time each day. However, it is this consistency and routine that help me manage my fatigue and pace my life out so I do not push myself too much.

I really hope this video helps all the people out there who ask themselves how can I help my fatigue. If you have any tips or tricks to add please leave them in the comments below. Also if you have not already please subscribe to my You Tube Channel I post regularly about chronic illness and I would love to reach 1000 subscribers.

Namaste xxx

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