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Taking time to rest

taking time to rest
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Hey everybody!

Wow this last week my fatigue has been pretty bad and honestly I think I have caught a little cold! Now this might seem like I am making something big of a small thing, but it has increased my fatigue and my pain a lot! It’s like my body decided to just give up even pretending to try and work with me and I have been taking time to rest.

My chest has been feeling heavy and I have been coughing a little but honestly that is not the problem. I have recently found my legs to have a life of their own and at night my muscles jump around and my pain is really bad. I have still been using my usual CBD capsules, but honestly it has not touched this new problem.

So of course I have found myself sleeping less at night and struggling to get up in the morning. Not that I have ever been much of a morning person and with my illnesses added on I have found it even harder!

Overall, ever since finding out I did not get my PIP benefit for again and we have to go to court all my symptoms have been worse. I have been reading a lot of reports about how the benefits system is saying no to a lot of disabled people. So many of us are under stress and that is not good for us or our carers!

Time to rest

So my husband and I have been really struggling with the stress of the situation and both of us suffer with chronic health conditions. My husband has epilepsy and if he is too stressed out it can trigger a seizure. We have started to try and use self care to deal with it:

  • Taking time to make sure the other rests or takes breaks often
  • Making sure to do fun things together when possible
  • Make one another laugh
  • Take naps when needed without judgement
  • Stepping back from things like social engagements or work if needed
  • Use candles or essential oils to help aid relaxation
  • Getting fresh air/out in nature if possible
  • Use meditation to relax and calm the mind

It can be so difficult to cope when you are waiting for things like PIP assessments or results. Taking time to rest and look after one another whenever possible is so important.

We were told it could take up to 10months to get to court because so many people are having to take DWP there for their benefits. Between now and then money will be tight, but with careful planning I think we can make it without losing our home or anything drastic like that. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us

Namaste xxx

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