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PIP benefit and reading help

PIP benefit and reading help
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Hey everybody!

It has not been an easy week, if you have been reading my blog you will know I recently had my PIP benefit taken from me. But this week I have had some PIP benefit and reading help which has been useful to me. It is hard knowing that we will have to go a few months without the money we need, but to know it will be back-paid helps.

PIP help

I am so thankful for my therapist who when I told her we had lost PIP she gave me the number for Cannock Chase advice center. She also gave me some advice on coping with the stress of money problems and so I am so grateful to her

We had the meeting with them this morning, it is set up in an old house, the stairs were a nightmare! I will be honest that is my only complaint they did have a stairlift but they were waiting for it to be fixed. And if I were a wheelchair user I really do not think I would be able to go to them! But then we all know that is not really a think local council thinks about!

The woman who helped us, was so switched on and so obviously angry about so many people needing help after having their PIP taken away. She helped us fill out a form to send to ask for the courts to look into our asking for help to get the benefit restored.

I would definitely research local advice centers and go there for them to help you fill in any forms like this as if they do it they know what they are looking for. I feel much less anxiety now going forward and I will most certainly use the service again. I did need a nap afterwards though it was overwhelming and scary but I did it yay!

I found a reading aid

Now with the pain I experience in my hands I find it difficult to hold a book open. This is mainly why I tend to buy books on kindle which is fabulous, but I miss books you know?

I was on Instagram just going through my feed, when I saw a picture from a fellow blogger caffeinatedcraftingcripple. She was holding open a book with a cool wooden gadget and I got so excited!

I expected it to be so expensive but it is below £10 so I ordered one and it arrived from a couple days later. I have been reading a book about Shamanism and I could only read for a short time, but using this simple tool I could read for so much longer!

It was a little tricky at first to figure out how to balance, but once I did I was well away! Definitely go and check them out this is not an ad or sponsored I literally paid for it myself but I had to review! My hand pain can really holds me back so anything that can help even a little bit is wonderful!

Namaste xxxx

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