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Low energy means low motivation

Does anyone else find that low energy means low motivation? When my energy levels are low I just want to curl up and do nothing.

low energy means low motivation
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Usually I am very motivated, I am good at setting myself goals, breaking it down into managable steps and reaching the target. But I have recently found myself struggling with this, and I have come to notice that those days are usually when my energy is low.

I talk a lot here on the blog about my struggles with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is the reason I cannot work, why I cannot walk far, and why I need to rest after any small thing I do. I hate it the most I think because nothing can be done about it, even a nap will not help, and it makes me feel very helpless.

I am lucky though, I am able most days to get out of bed and get at least one thing done, and for that I am so thankful. But it doesn’t mean that pushing through and getting things done is easy, and often I find myself spending a lot of time sitting on the sofa with my dog and scrolling through TikTok or playing a game of HUE on my phone.

Some days I start out not realising I am tired and I have some plans to get things done and then I start to feel foggy and the next thing I know I have been a zombie on the couch for hours.

All of these things are fine when they are the odd day, in fact most healthy people have a day of the week, usually Sunday, to do these things. It has taken me a long time to unlearn society’s messages that we are only worth what we contribute and to rest when it is needed.

However, it feels different when it stops me doing the things I have love the most like running this blog and my YouTube Channel or making it hard to learn new skills like sewing. My low energy levels definitely affect my motivation levels because when I feel tired the last thing I want to do is get up and start a video or something.

I am definitely trying to find new ways to cope with the lower energy levels that came with my last flare, it is something I am determined not let beat me. The motivation and fire never really goes out and I see so many CFS warriors online showing the same, it is inspiring to see.

I will definitely keep you posted if I find things that help this, so if low energy means low motivation for you too make sure to stick around.

Thank you xx

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