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When insomnia rears it’s head

When insomnia rears it’s head it can feel overwhelming and make you feel unable to control the situation. I’ve struggled with this so many times over my life and yet I am currently struggling with these things now.

When insomnia rears it’s head
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Usually my sleeping is something I can count on, I don’t nap anymore, even with ME/CFS, and I take CBD at night to help as well. But sometimes no matter what you do, insomnia can come into your life like an invader, taking your ability to rest at night or get things done in the day because you are so tired.

The last week or so I have been struggling with this, and it can be so tempting to change things up or try new things. However, routine is one thing that can really help with sleep, so changing things when unable to sleep is actually the worst thing you can do.

Instead, here are some thing you can try:

  • Turn off your phone – this is a big one, but scrolling through your phone at night will only make it harder to sleep. Either turn off your volume, put it on airplane mode, or leave it in another room.
  • Turn on night mode – I use my tablet to watch videos or read in bed, so I make sure my blue light filter is set to come on about 8pm as this can stop it interfering with sleep.
  • Turn the lights down – make your room nice and cosy by turning off harsh lamps and instead having candles or fairy lights which will help you to get ready to sleep.
  • Take your medication – don’t forget to ensure you take your medication for pain at an appropriate time so your pain is manageable and you can get comfortable to sleep.
  • Watch what you drink – at night I have hot chocolate to take my meds, avoiding alcohol and anything with caffeine will help you to sleep.
  • Set up a routine – make sure you do the same things at the same time and go to sleep at the same time every night. A routine will let your body know it is time to settle down and sleep and help you to avoid insomnia.
  • Listen to podcasts – I find sleeping with podcasts can help a lot as it stops me overthinking and gives me something to listen to if I am struggling to sleep.
  • Try a yoga nidra – this type of yoga is a meditation done for full body and mind relaxation and it is ok if you fall asleep. I use them often on high fatigue or pain days but they are wonderful for getting some rest when insomnia is stopping you.

When insomnia becomes chronic it could be time to speak to your doctor, making sure there is not a medical reason for it is very important. However, for most of us, insomnia is a short term thing that comes and goes, especially if you suffer with chronic illnesses.

It is important to get as much rest as possible, sometimes naps can make it worse, but if you need to sleep it is important to do so. Medications over the counter can help, as well as things like CBD but long term can make it hard to sleep so get advice from your doctor.

For me, when insomnia rears it’s head, I find the best thing is to rely on my routine and the things that I do every day. Keeping things the same always helps me settle and relax even if I am unable to sleep.

Thank you xx

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