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Finding my feet

Finding my feet
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Finding my feet recently has not been easy, moving in with Mom to become a carer while dealing with my own chronic illnesses never would be!

My mother before now has been living alone in my childhood home, and trying to cope with Multiple Sclerosis. It has only been since moving in that we have come to realise that she hadn’t been looking after herself. Rarely showering because she was afraid of falling, no exercise and a diet of mainly ready meals and junk food!

This lifestyle has left her with swollen lower legs that make it hard to walk and the beginnings of ulcers and a sore on her heel. Since moving in, I have managed to get the district nurses in to see her and they have started to treat them. She is now also on antibiotics and furosemide to help bring down the swelling and treat cellulitis.

For me, this has meant a lot of helping her to the bathroom, taking over as cook and helping her to shower more regularly. I also apply cream to her lower legs and massage them daily to help with the dry skin and hopefully promote healing.

However, I have been suffering a lot with my ME, having increased pain, and the stress of the move and selling our home causing diarrhoea! I feel exhausted and useless, I have not been able to keep up with my You Tube Channel, and honestly I just feel like I am running on the spot and getting nowhere!

If I am being truthful, I have seen my depression flare, and I am scared of a flare of my other illnesses. However, I am also doing all I can to remind myself to be kind to me. I am starting a new journey I did not expect, and moving house is consistently top of most stressful things lists!

Right now I might be struggling, but soon I will be settled and have a routine that works. Finding my feet in this new role and new house and with chronic illnesses won’t be easy. However, it will be fulfilling and a journey I hope to learn a lot on.

Namaste xxx

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