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When plans change

When plans change
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When plans change it can easily trigger anxiety and sadness, two things that I find come up a lot in my life. Living with an anxiety disorder I am used to this and I use a lot of self care in order to work through it and get back to how I want to feel.

If you have not been following my journey on YouTube and here on the blog, I have moved in with my mom. Me and my husband initially were going to turn the garage into a tiny home, then we were going to get a cabin built in the back garden. However, neither of these ideas felt right to us and we were struggling because to me the thought of living the rest of my life in my childhood bedroom was not a nice thought.

Then two things happened, first my mom suggested why didn’t we swap rooms, her room is bigger and has a fitted wardrobe. Then I said why didn’t we just move some of our things into the living room so it felt more homey to us too. That led to us buying some new furniture for the living room and the decision was made!

So, now we are going to be living in the house, our bedroom with be moms old room, and she will be in my room. We are going to get the two rooms redecorated and mom is so excited she said it feels like a fresh start for her. Me and Lee are going to have the garage converted into a studio for him to do his art and where I can take my outfit pictures if it’s snowing or raining and record my YouTube  videos.

This feels like the right decision, I have always been intuitive and felt from inside if a decision was right or wrong for me. I always knew moving in with mom was the right decision, but how we were going to live day to day was so uncertain. Not having my things around me, not having my clothes these small things were causing me so much anxiety and a feeling of not being grounded or happy in the moment.

Now we have a plan I feel much less of that, I am just excited to see it come together and hopeful we can get it all done quickly so we can just feel at home. When plans change I often feel upturned and anxious, struggling to find my way and now that is gone I am so thankful. We have a wonderful home here, one that I have known most of my life, and now will be my safe place for the rest of my life.

My husband was able to go part time at work, which is helping his epilepsy and my pain is eased knowing we are all much happier. This was all such a big decision that upturned everything, but it feels so nice to know we are now settled and happy.

When plans change

  • Find a place of grounding -whether it is sitting in nature, meditating or just being mindful finding your footing is so important.
  • Listen to your gut – your intuition is your guides nudging you to the right place, listen to that feeling in your stomach and trust it
  • Speak out – if you are struggling ask for help, speak out and brainstorm with people you trust to help you come up with alternatives if something doesn’t feel right
  • Rest – I often find that at times like this my pain with start getting worse, resting and pacing yourself will make such a big difference to your pain levels

I really hope this helps you to see that when plans change, it might not always be clear outcomes or how your life will look might not be certain. However, by being open and honest and listening you will get through it.

Namaste xxx

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