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What Is A Naturopathic Doctor And Why Should You See One?

A Naturopathic doctor is a doctor that specializes in alternative medicines and aims to deal with disease and illness at the level of mind, body, and spirit. Although some of the treatments conflict with the accepted treatments used in standard medicine, Naturopathic doctors take a more holistic approach to health and consider all factors together instead of focusing on one specific area. 

Many people prefer seeing a Naturopathic doctor and they respond better to alternative treatments, but it’s always a good idea to be cautious where your health is concerned. If you are interested in exploring alternatives, these are some of the reasons why you should consider seeing a Naturopathic doctor. 

They Are Qualified Doctors

The biggest fear that people have about alternative medicine is that they are being treated by a completely unqualified person that has no idea what they are doing. But that isn’t the case with a Naturopathic doctor because they have to go through the same qualifications that a standard doctor does before attending a Naturopathic college. As long as you go through the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners to find a reliable doctor, you don’t need to worry about their qualifications. In fact, they will often combine their knowledge of traditional medicine with Naturopathic treatments to give you a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. 

They Help You Determine The Root Cause

If you have a chronic health condition of some kind, it can be incredibly frustrating to see doctors that repeatedly offer you ways to manage the symptoms without actually determining the root cause. Although your problem goes away for a while, it just keeps coming back over and over and it feels like you’re on a chronic illness rollercoaster. When you see a Naturopathic doctor, they will spend a few hours with you and ask you a lot of questions that might seem completely unrelated. But by building a full picture of your overall health, they are able to help you determine the root cause of your problems instead of just treating the symptoms. 

They Offer Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

Modern medicine is often driven by prescriptions and decisions are made based on money rather than health. Medicine is a business and drug companies and doctors benefit if they prescribe more medication. That means that many people are being given a simple pill to soothe symptoms and nothing more. These prescription drugs often come with side effects and in the case of chronic pain, you might be taking opioids which carry a strong risk of addiction. When you see a Naturopathic doctor, they can offer you prescription drugs if you want, but they can also offer a lot of alternatives that don’t come with the same side effects. This includes things like acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary changes, and traditional Chinese medicine. They will explain the benefits of all of these methods so you can make an informed decision about your own health. 

Naturopathic doctors are often the best choice because they can offer traditional medicine but they are not limited and they also offer a more holistic approach.

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