Mental health during the pandemic

Mental health during the pandemic
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I wasn’t sure what to talk about this week, I am not leaving my house at all and I am kind of addicted to Disney+ at the moment. However, I am more and more seeing people posting on social media that they are struggling with isolation and being at home. So I knew I had to talk about mental health during the pandemic.

Your mental health is something that should always be a priority, but often when you are working and looking after children etc it can be put aside. It is sometimes only when we are forced to stop that we realise something is wrong.

So here are some tips for looking after your mental health during the pandemic:

  1. Talk – Talking and being open about what I am thinking and feeling has been a big game changer in my life, which is why I have this blog. We are lucky that we have the ability to video chat or at least phone our loved ones. But there are some wonderful charities like the Samaritans as well so don’t bottle up your feelings.
  2. Get some fresh air – Right now the British government has said it is okay to go out for exercise once a day. Getting a bit of fresh air and into nature if possible will make a big difference to how you are feeling. I am not allowed out, but thankfully I can sit in the garden which I am so grateful for.
  3. An attitude of gratitude – This sounds like some hippy stuff, but honestly it works. Change the way you see things, instead of talking about and thinking about things you cannot do think of things you have and be grateful. For example, I would switch being upset my friends cannot come over or we cannot go out for a meal. Instead I would think I am grateful I have the internet and my phone to video chat to those I care about.
  4. Get off social media – It can feel like being social while you scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, in reality spending long periods of time on social media can affect your mental health adversely.
  5. Limit your news intake – It can be very tempting to watch every news broadcast so you know what is happening. However, I do not watch any news programmes because it causes me to struggle with my anxiety. It is good to know what is happening, but maybe just watch one news broadcast there is not need to be constantly checking.
  6. Have fun – Now this might seem obvious, but watch TV with your kids, play board games, try painting, take up a new hobby or try learning a new language. If you have the internet and a you tube account there is so much you can learn and do…including catching up with my videos!

I hope these tips help you take care of your mental health during the pandemic. It feels like the start of some zombie film but remember stay inside, wash your hands, and aim for the head!

Namaste xxx

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