• Mental Health

    Trying to still shine

    Hey everybody! Wow first of all I am really sorry that my posts have been a little hit or miss recently. My pain, depression and acne have all flared together like a tag team and though I am trying to still shine I have needed to step back a little. It can be so easy to get sucked into numbers of people reading your blog and who is following on Instagram and how many are subscribed on You Tube! But I do have to remind myself that this is not a job, I share on here because I want to keep trying to still shine my light out into the…

  • Contributed posts

    Do you have SAD?

    Hey everybody! I have been sent this infographic by Betterhelp, an online counselling service. I have worked with them before and as you all know from a recent post of mine I suffer with this myself. I think it is incredibly important that people know the signs and symptoms so they can better take care of the mental health of people around them as well as themselves. So, if you suspect someone around you might have SAD, or you think this infographic describes how you feel please go and check out these articles sent to me by Betterhelp and never be afraid to seek help and the great thing about…

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