Cheap and Accessible Mindfulness Ideas
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Cheap and Accessible Mindfulness Ideas

Cheap and Accessible Mindfulness Ideas
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Spending time decompressing, relaxing and generally making space for yourself isn’t just a luxury- it should be an absolute necessity in all of our lives. Life can easily start to feel overwhelming if you allow it to get on top of you, and when your mental health suffers your physical health will too. And if you’re already living with a disability, this is even more important. 

Taking time out for yourself can involve anything that you find enjoyable, but to be able to keep it up it’s worth finding things that are inexpensive and accessible. Read below to find out five different activities you can do from your own home that will benefit your mental health and help you practise mindfulness. 

Guided Meditation

Meditation can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before, it’s one of those things where you can find yourself not knowing where to start. But guided meditation makes it much easier, there are lots of guided meditation videos and apps available online. Find one that resonates with you, maybe you like music that it uses or the voice guiding the meditation. Put on some headphones and sit or lie through a relaxation journey, you could even use CBD capsules to enhance the relaxation even further. It can be as short as five minutes if you dont have much time, dont underestimate the power of this. If you feel yourself getting stressed and overwhelmed, this is a great way to bring yourself back to the present moment and you’ll feel much better for it. 


You dont need to rely on a partner to enjoy a massage, there are lots of easy self massage techniques that give you a boost of endorphins making you feel better physically and mentally. Use some oils or moisturising lotion on your hands and feet, limbs and face. You can also get great massage devices to go over your shoulders and neck to break up any knots and stiffness here too. Aches and pains can really take a toll on you mood so something like this, perhaps after a relaxing bath a few times a week could be just what the doctor ordered. 


Journaling is a really powerful way to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint why we feel the way that we do, but writing it all down can help you to get to the bottom of things. Set aside a few minutes each day to write in a journal. You can jot down your thoughts, your accomplishments, or things you’re grateful for. Let your words flow without judgment. Journaling helps you gain insight into your feelings, and it can be a therapeutic way to release stress- it’s like a form of therapy but completely free and private. 

Colouring or Drawing

Engaging in a creative activity like colouring or drawing can be really calming. Don’t worry about making the end result something spectacular, just enjoy the process. It’s a cheap and easy distraction and again brings you into the present moment which can be really good for stress. 

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