Health Update

Health Update

I always find these posts important to write but difficult to write, I am not sure why but here is a health update. I will also be chatting a little about how being a carer has affected me.

health update
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I have definitely found recently that I have been struggling more and I think it is probably a mixture of things. Stress can definitely contribute to chronic illness symptoms; and we are having building work at out house right now. This is definitely a big factor in my recent flare and how my anxiety has been.

However, I also think being a carer has contributed to my fatigue in a big way, that’s not a surprise though. Having to get up early to help mom get up, helping her shower twice a week, cooking and dusting all adds up. It leaves me not as many spoons for the rest of the day and I have to be much more careful now.

The main things are that my stomach pain has returned, my pain levels have risen and my fatigue is worse. I have to make sure to go to bed early and pace my days out as well as possible so I don’t do too much. Pacing has literally been a lifesaver I couldn’t have coped without it.

I also have to make sure to have time for myself, I am an introvert and have to have time to myself. Before we moved in with mom I spent most of my time on my own and that was difficult. However, now I am always with mom, so I made sure to design our bedroom so I could go there and chill out.

It was clear when we moved it would affect me, that it would probably cause my symptoms to get worse. But, and this is a big but, I am so glad we did it! Honestly, my mom is doing so much better, my husband was able to go part time which was better for his epilepsy, and I am not lonely anymore.

Though it has been a difficult year, and the worst time to move, the garage is almost renovated. It will be somewhere Lee can do his art and I can record my YouTube videos. I am so excited to decorate and those videos will be coming to my channel soon so go over there and subscribe.

I hope this experience will show you that though things change, it isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons of big decisions and though my health has deteriorated it was more than worth it.

I am not sure how well I did with this health update, but I hope it just shows there is always good to the bad.

Namaste xxx
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