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Let’s talk about fostering a world community

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Hey everybody!

So I have been thinking about this a lot, how can we improve our community and why it seems so fractured. This post was spurred on to be written though by Melissa at Mint Tea and Elephants, we were talking in a facebook group and I mentioned some of my thoughts and she said she would love to read it, so blame her haha!

I am not a news watcher, I stopped watching the news years ago because it always triggered my anxiety. I started to worry about the end of the world, what if zombies became real if we act like this now? Why do people get so lost that they commit crimes and turn to drugs and alcohol? Why is it that a few people seem to prosper while everyone else seems to think it is OK to just struggle alone and to turn down any help offered and not help others?

Just a few generations ago people did not travel far from where they were born, they grew up knowing everyone and helping one another when needed. We seem to have everything, with kids having mobile phones and iPad at young ages and yet children struggling with suicidal thoughts is on the rise! The more I think about it the more I wonder that it could be we are losing that community spirit we used to have. In the past people in a street would share the big ticket items like lawn mowers and TVs, Just think how many lawn mowers there are in just the street you live in and how often they are used!

Humans naturally are pack animals, we naturally long for approval and to fit in so that we will survive. It is a natural instinct, but it seems to have taken a turn, instead of trying to help the people in our street we are looking on Instagram, comparing ourselves to others and getting depressed when our lives don’t look like that! I often see people on social media saying they need to take a ‘mental health break’ from social media, it is as if living with comparing and jealousy is unhealthy for us.

I know I have fallen into this trap when it comes to this when it comes to my You Tube Channel and this blog, I see others making money at them, being shared and growing their subscribers and it can make me feel jealous. I think this mentality of numbers within the ‘influencer’ community is what can cause most of the problems. So I took a step back and realised that I was feeling upset that I share people’s blog posts and videos but they were not doing the same for me….

But should that be why I do it? Surely I should practice my beliefs and put them into my life in every way not just when it suits me! I try to practice the four types of yoga every day, and one of them Karma Yoga is what this is all about. Karma Yoga is the path of unselfish action, this means doing things to help others and to raise others up without expecting anything in return. I should do it because I want those around me to succeed, and not because I want them to do the same or I think because I shared that video my views and subscribers will rise!

Now just imagine if we all practice this, no matter your faith, what if we all did nice and kind things not expecting anything in return not even a thank you? Do you think if we all changed our hearts to try this that we would all get more success and be happier because I do! So I am challenging you to do these three things and let’s change the world and foster a little more community:

  1. Smile at a stranger
  2. Be kind expecting nothing in return
  3. Share blog posts you read, and you tube videos you watch

Below is my You Tube video where I discuss this and yeah I hope you will leave me a comment and let’s get talking

Namaste xxx


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  • Sheryl

    Some good reflections here! Yes I also think we need to foster this spirit of community again 🙂 And that’s interesting because sometimes I also feel upset when I keep advocating for others or sharing their posts but don’t even get a word of thanks. I do continue to share if I think the info is good knowledge, but I can’t expect others to do the same for me when they’re not obliged to.

  • Melissa

    What a lovely post! (Why didn’t you share it in our group? ) Sharing the work of others is great even if they don’t say so much as “thanks”. That’s on them. You can rest assured that the universe will find a way to bless your efforts. You may soon find that people you’ve never interacted with find your blog and share your posts. I believe strongly in community and selflessness. We should reach out to people because it’s the right thing to do not because we’re expecting anything back from them.

    • ZombieButterfly

      I was not sure if sharing posts was ok and so I thought I had better not lol OMG!!! Yes I totally agree leave it to the universe it makes sure everything works as it should xx

  • Marnie

    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. So many people don’t know their neighbors while some how ending up in social media drama with people they haven’t even met. And staring at screens all day instead of faces definitely effects people!

    • ZombieButterfly

      It is so true we are too focused on sharing our life on social media that we lose out on time with family and friends and neighbours xx

  • Terri, Reclaiming HOPE

    I love this Beverley. You’re so right about needing more community spirit. I love the opportunity to connect with others via social media, especially since so many of my friends and family are scattered all over the place, but it really can lead to a “comparison mentality” if we’re not careful. I think the first step is being aware of this so that we can combat it. Thanks for giving us some things to think about! Sharing on Reclaiming HOPE Pinterest board!

    • ZombieButterfly

      Oh wow thank you for sharing I appreciate it so much! Yes it is so true that our watching one another’s lives through social media can so easily lead to comparing and forgetting that people usually only share the best bits or use it to moan! We need to be sharing compassion and love instead xx

  • Lowen Puckey

    I have been feeling exactly this myself – yes, there is no obligation for reciprocation of support but it also takes a lot of time to support others and is really disheartening when it isn’t reciprocated. One big thing I’ve done is not look at my stats anymore – it was doing my head in. It is too easy to let it define our self-worth. Real life is far more important!

    • ZombieButterfly

      YES!!! OMG reading stats and focusing on numbers will drive you insane that is one thing I refuse to do now I just cannot bring myself to be worrying about that instead I want to spread love and compassion and if my blogging and you tube is meant to grow it will I don’t need to be stressing over making that happen xx

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