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Self-care, it is more than just a hot bath

We know that self-care is about looking after yourself. But there is more to it than just a facemask or a warm bath. Although those things certainly do the trick when it comes to making you feel good, for that deep down happy? There is more that you can do. 

Emotional Care

Sometimes the world can be overwhelming, and that is certainly the case for many people in 2020. Often, we are too busy taking care of others and ticking things off our to-do lists to leave our emotions on a shelf. However, you can only bottle things up for so long before it comes spilling over. 

Learning how to deal with your emotions takes time, but it is worth the time spent. Many people find meditating on their feelings helps; others prefer to write a journal each day. Talking a professional or confiding in a close friend or family member can also change how you feel about things. 

Guided meditation is available to help with feels, and there are some great mobile phone applications for meditation

Your Future

While self-care in the ‘now’ can help you move forward and grow a person, you need to plan what you will be evolving towards. Planning your future can come in many shapes and sizes. You might enjoy sitting down and making plans for the next few months, or you might want to plan one thing a year for the next few years. 

Future plans give us something to look forward too, but they are also important. Do you see yourself in a different career? You can daydream about how to get there. Where and when do you want to retire? What about your future care home? What is on your bucket list?

These are practical things, but focusing on the future is a really positive thing. Even if your plan is a bit wild, knowing you have an idea for your future can be very life-affirming. 

Physical Care

Your mind is essential, but your body is too. We don’t often give our bodies much time to rest and relax. Aside from sleeping in the evenings, and even then, we don’t do enough of it. Your toby is a temple, and what you do with it matters. 

We know that fruits and vegetables are great for us, yet many of us simply don’t enough. But if you have a nicely varied diet, but still feel a little off, then it is worth speaking to your doctor and asking about any deficiencies. 

Getting active, either doing yoga, simple stretches, or going for a long walk, is excellent for your mind, body, and soul. 

Self-care can be doing your taxes, it can be turning your phone off for a day, it can simply be taking an afternoon nap. It’s about what makes you feel good within yourself and something that is sustainable and can fit your day-to-day life. Self-care can never be underestimated as part of the building blocks of your happiness and health. 

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