Getting back to exercise

Getting back to exercise
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Exercise has been important to me for many years now and for a long time I did yoga every day. Looking after my joints and muscles helps my pain and protects my hypermobile joints. But with increased fatigue, and moving house that changed and getting back to exercise has become a priority.

I have found since moving and helping my mom, that my own pain and fatigue have increased. This was of course expected, but meant that a lot of things I found important had to be put on the back burner. However, my mom is doing a lot better now, her legs are not as swollen and cellulitis has cleared up.

We have a good morning and evening routine so getting her up and then back to bed is a lot faster and easier. This has left me yearning to get back to a good morning routine, bringing back my spiritual journey and getting back to exercise!

Getting back to exercise

This week I started getting up, and after sorting out the dogs and my mom I am trying to get myself feeling better. I have started doing yin yoga every morning from my accessible exercise playlist. Then I draw from my Oracle decks, fill in my mindfulness journal and read a spiritual book.

It takes time to build a good routine, time and effort before it just becomes second nature. Thankfully I am feeling up to it both spiritually and mentally, having a routine always helps my anxiety.

Building a routine

This is never easy, time can easily get away from you, or you can forget so here are a few tips:

  • Set time aside – Make sure you have the time to do the routine you have planned. It can be all to easy to set up an hours workout then realise you are going to do it when people are visiting or that you are not good at mornings!
  • Be patient – It can be all too easy to think you can do it all and do it now, but it is better to start small and build up. If you try to do too much too fast you will be more likely to give up.
  • Consistency – This might feel obvious, but stick with it! Doing the same thing every day for 31 days is said to be how to make something a routine. This means sticking with it and being consistent.
  • Bite size amount – it can be tempting to do cardio or crazy workouts right from the start. Its much better to pick a beginners workout and making it really stick for a lovely little routine.
  • Make it accessible – I used to love full on yoga routines but my pain and fatigue now make that impossible. Instead I follow routines designed for people with chronic illnesses and mix it up with low impact cardio and Tai Chi. If you have illnesses remember that you don’t want a flare exercise is meant to improve your life.
  • Enjoy it – You are much more likely to stick with exercise if you enjoy it. So if you prefer group activities see if there is an accessible football or rugby club in your area. Or if the thought of anyone seeing you work out makes you feel sick, then why not look up some pilates or at home gym routines on you tube.

If like me you are longing for getting back to exercise, you can do it, you might just have to change your expectations. There is something for everyone and with the internet there is so much choice so look around and find the fun!

Namaste xxx

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