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Stress with a chronic illness

stress with a chronic illness
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Well the pandemic is still happening though governments are easing everything to make money again. We are in the middle of moving house just the contracts to sign and to sort out a completion date. And my dad’s dog who used to be mine died, so lets talk about dealing with stress with a chronic illness.

I have to be honest and admit that I have been expecting a big flare, anyone with a chronic illness knows stress is a trigger. I have so much going on right now I kind of feel like I am juggling and getting nothing done. I’m imagining my legs running on the spot like in a cartoon or something like that!

I think hearing that my dad’s dog Shaun died two days ago, was the final straw for me, from the moment I heard I felt ill. My stomach started to churn and I felt nauseous, on top of that I had diarrhoea for 24 hours that left me feeling drained. Today I woke up with a migraine threatening, I could feel it just sitting there waiting to pounce! But with swift administration of medication and a meditation from Insight Timer I managed to see it off!

Dealing with Stress

  • Know yourself – I think this is the most important thing you can do, knowing your body helps so much. Some people track what works with apps on their phone, or by using a journal. But however you do it, knowing those first signs and how to treat them is such a big help with chronic illness and stress.
  • Mindfulness – You knew it was coming, but being aware of the now and not getting caught up in your worries is a game changer. In the past, I would have sat worrying about what could happen, and thinking about the things I would miss by moving. But now I keep my mind in the moment as much as I can and letting go of that anxious mind really helps.
  • Self Care – whether its locking yourself in the bathroom for five minutes, doing a meditation, adult colouring, going for a walk or whatever you love do it. Taking time to treat yourself is so important in stressful times and doesn’t have to cost money to work which is what I love.
  • Rest – Chronic illness is tiring, especially if like me you have ME! But when stress comes into your life it makes it so much worse, so rest when you can. Take a nap, lie on your bed or sofa and watch a movie, don’t feel guilty about it your body needs time to recover and rest when you are struggling.
  • Speak up – Friends and relations want to help, so if you are struggling speak up and ask for help. This can be asking a relative to make you some dinners you can freeze, or even just getting together for a cup of tea and a chat. People want to help so let them, reach out and I am sure there are people who will love to lighten your load.

I really hope these tips help you if you are dealing with stress with a chronic illness. If you have any that I missed please let me know in the comments.

Namaste xxx

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