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Trouble hearing

Hi everybody!

So for about a month now I have had trouble hearing, this happens about twice a year for me and I put drops in for about a week then go see the nurse at my local doctors surgery and they syringe my ears. I am sure when I was a kid they should have done something to help but they didn’t so this is my life lol.

So anyway I have been trying to get an appointment for three weeks which meant I could barely hear and then the other day I had a bath and my ears popped! Then I could hear and now I can hear so long as I am upright but when I lie down nothing not a single thing can be heard!

So I finally went today and they said they cannot syringe my ears because they can see the drum so I have to keep up with the drops…I mean seriously I get why but it doesn’t mean I have to like it!! Now I have to be all headachy and off balance while I wait for the drops to work on the rest!!! Gah!

Other than that it was the last lesson of Yoga this week until January and I do not know how I am meant to cope!!! I love getting out and seeing everyone in class and working on things with someone to watch out and make sure my alignment etc is good…I miss it already!!!!!

Namaste xxx

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