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Going out when you have a chronic illness

Hi everybody!

Last night we went out you can see the evidence in the picture lol! I say that because I have my illnesses and Lee is on epilepsy medication and because of that we tend to not go out very often at night. We both find it difficult, Lee because he gets very tired in the evening and me because I get extreme back and shoulder pain in the evening so I generally get into bed early and watch TV.

However, tomorrow is my Dad’s 70th birthday so we all went out for a meal, there were about 21 of us there and it was so nice. I got to see people I have known all my life and just chat and have a yummy meal I did not have to cook yay!

The problem was it was loud, everyone was talking so it was pretty noisy and then in the next room at about 9:30 a live band started playing. I am very sensitive to noise, as are a lot of people with Fibromyalgia and if there is a lot of noise it makes our pain worse. As the night progressed I got tired from being social and the anxiety that causes and I found myself struggling to concentrate on the things people were saying.

I also found the pain n my back got very intense and I started to struggle to sit up and keep talking, it started to become obvious to people I was struggling and so we came home. As always the first to leave and I got home dying for a cup of tea and extra tablets to help me sleep and to help the pain.

Today I feel hungover and my pain feels like I was up dancing all night I am very tired but it was worth it now and again I make a point to go out and not avoid things. Going out is a rare thing but something I am glad I do not avoid it its important to force myself to be social no matter how long it takes me to recover.

Namaste xxx

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