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Cinema and christmas with chronic illness

Hey everybody Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule!!


It was amazing we saw it in 3D which I highly recommend because some of the scenes really pop out and you feel more a part of it. I fell in love with Jyn Erso she was badass and incredible so inspiring and I just love females taking charge and Star Wars is always good with those characters.

I will say though that there were parts I struggled with there were a few places with shots looking down from ridiculously high places. I suffer with vertigo and I have a lot of dizzy spells and problems with balance, those shots in 3D really set it off and it felt like the floor was moving under me and I had to close my eyes just so I wouldn’t start to feel nauseous. I am hoping that does not happen when I get it on DVD but yeah the downside of cinema with chronic illness!

Today is only a few days before christmas so I am trying to finish the presents I am making for everyone and just trying to rest when I can but it is so hard when people are visiting and I need to go out places. Napping is generally how I get through things, but right now that is just not really an option and to be honest I would love to try and get some energy back. Doctors etc tell me to be more active that will help but when I am more active I feel like a zombie…I am really struggling to find a way to make life something I can cope with!

I did have some good news though I was accepted to join the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, link is in the side, it is a network where you can get paid for blogs posts and it can raise your views. I am quite excited to see where it can go and whether it will help 2017 be a time where I can feel a little bit more useful and not just a blob on a chair!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season

Namaste xxx

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