Feeling happy at Christmas

Feeling happy at Christmas

Hey everybody!

Well now if you have been reading my blog for a while, you might be aware that Christmas is a very difficult time for me since my Grandparents passed away. It just was always a time that was very focused on them and I have been dreading it to be honest. But then as I looked back over my week, as I always do on a Friday, I realised that I might actually be feeling happy at Christmas!

It took me a moment when I realised to think it through and really digest what that meant. I mean Christmas has been a dark time and I have been dreading our first without my grandmother, but I actually feel content and happy I will be spending the day with my husband and our dog Gizmo. 

You see this week I went to see my therapist and after talking to her about everything I have been going through and she said she thinks I am doing really well. She gave me a lot of advice for getting through the following weeks and some worksheets that will help me to get through whatever dips I may have. However, what surprised me is that she gave me some information about local groups she thought I would like and said I could train to be a volunteer and really help other people…I was surprised but it really gave me a boost. 

Then the other day I posted a video of a day in my life with chronic illness on my You Tube channel, and I shared it with my psychic teacher Lynda. When she watched it she messaged to say she was proud of me for sharing myself doing a tarot reading and oh my goodness it really boosted my confidence to hear that! 

I have been using all the tools I have been practising over the last couple of years, like mindfulness, tarot cards, breathing, using crystals, yoga, gratitude, and meditation and honestly it has all worked! 

I know a lot of people scoff at these things or try them once and when they cannot do it right away they give up. But practising every single day they have really saved me this year and this is one of the happiest times of my life and yes that shocks me too!

I have started cooking food from scratch again and this is always a good indicator that my iron tablets are kicking in and my mood is lifted! Yesterday I made a lovely casserole and tonight I am planning to make a broccoli risotto. I have both saved on my Pinterest so make sure you are following me I share a lot of things like that. 

I hope the season continues like this, but I am very proud of myself for working so hard and it feels really good to see it paying off. How are you doing this holiday season? 

Namaste xxx

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