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How to Relieve Tension

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With all the responsibilities of life, it can be very difficult to stay calm and feel grounded. The smallest thing can make you snap and make you feel extremely tense. It is essential to take the time in your day to stop, take a breath, and release the weight of your emotions and feelings. A lot of times this can be hard to do because you may not know the most effective way to release your tension. Everyone is different and everyone has a different way to release that works for them. Here are a few ways you can reduce the tension of your busy day. 


Learning how to do some breathing exercises can give you immediate relief from tension. Finding a quiet spot where you can concentrate, start breathing in and out in a uniformed rhythmic manner. Inhale through your nose and exhale forcefully through your mouth. This push and pull of breathing can help your heart rate slow down and help your mind clear. It is also an effective way to saturate your blood with oxygen, which will help your muscles relax and you will feel the tension melt away. A quick two minutes of breathing is all you need.

Essential Oils

Inhaling essential oils like lavender or peppermint can reduce stress. Ingesting soft gel CBD capsules is an internal tension reliever. The inhalation of oils goes right to your brain where the odor will soothe your mind and help you relax. Oils like tea tree and eucalyptus are also excellent for soothing the body. The CBD caps will help you relax from the inside out, and when you have a relaxing agent that works internally, your entire body will have the experience of full freedom from tension. 


Stretching is a great way to remove tension from your body. The act of stretching helps get the blood flowing through all parts of your body for an even feeling of movement. Tension causes your muscles to ball up and even knot or kink. When you stretch your muscles, those kinks and knots are pulled out and the return of blood flow to the area is soothing to your body. That sensation immediately releases calm that helps you battle the symptoms of anxiety and fear that come with having tension. 

Lay Down

The best way to remove tension from your body is to lay down. Laying flat helps remove the pressure of gravity from your body. We use a lot of energy to stand upright and fight the pull of the rotating Earth. Laying down allows for you to feel semi-weightless and gives your muscles a chance to be fully relaxed. A great way to relax your entire body is to become conscious of your tongue. If your tongue is resting on the roof of your mouth, make it loose. As soon as you do that, your jaw will relax and soon your entire body will become loose including your shoulders which are also probably not at rest.

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