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Learn about high-functioning depression

Hey everybody!
I was recently contacted by betterhelp an online counselling website and app, who wondered if I would be interested in posting the below infographic to spread awareness of high functioning depression. I said yes right away because I personally have suffered with chronic depression since I was fourteen years old and for a long time I wasn’t sure I had depression. Most of the time when this illness is shown on TV or in movies, people don’t get out of bed or get anything done, but if the figures are to be believed this is not how depression usually presents itself.

It is important that we all take our mental health seriously, I know many people love the idea of counselling and therapy but don’t have the time. Better Help could be just the answer you are looking for, especially if you look at the image and work out this could be what you have! The website offers therapy online, or through an app on your phone or ipad and so it could be done any time to fit in with your life. I hope this is of some help in getting the word out about this complicated illness and encourages people to at least check out the website which has some great articles to read even if you don’t think you are ready for therapy.

Namaste xxx

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