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When fatigue flares

when fatigue flares
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Moving house is always stressful and difficult, even if you don’t have chronic illnesses it can take it’s toll. When fatigue flares it can leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed, or trying to push through so you can get things done.

Weeks of packing followed by moving in and becoming a carer have left me struggling for energy. I live my life walking a tightrope between those things every day at the moment, frustrated and seeing how much I can do before I crash.

However, neither is an ideal way to live, and if you are undiagnosed it is always best to see a doctor. There can be many reasons why you are struggling with fatigue and it is always best to hopefully get some answers.

But today I wanted to tell you some of the things that help me when my fatigue is high and I am struggling.

When fatigue flares

  • Food and drink – This might seem obvious, but eating regularly a balanced diet does make a difference. Things like high sugar snacks and caffiene can make fatigue worse so try to keep to healthy choices where possible. Also make sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.
  • Exercise – Now this is tricky, we all want to keep as healthy as possible, and exercise is good for this. However, exercise can make fatigue worse so instead of thinking of doing crazy cardio why not try accessible exercise? Now this is not for everyone, but I do have a playlist of accessible exercise routines so why not take a look?
  • Sleep – I think so many of us think that sleep will make fatigue better, however it often doesn’t. I can often have a nap and find I feel just as bad on waking as I did before. However, having a good routine before bed and trying to get a good 8 hours sleep every night can help to avoid insomnia.
  • Pacing – This is not easy, it is a skill honestly I am still learning! However, spreading out your jobs and things you need to do with lots of rest is a great way to deal with fatigue. It can keep it at a growl instead of a roar, and help you to slow down so you can stop feeling so frustrated.
  • Keep a fatigue diary – Making a note of high fatigue days and the things you were doing before is a great way to track your fatigue. Learning what your triggers are is a brilliant way to find what needs to change so your fatigue is not as bad.
  • Rest when you need to – This is a big one, listening to what your body needs and laying down to nap can be a big game changer. A nap when needed is nothing to feel guilty about when it is what your body needs.
  • Get organised – I did a blog post not too long back about the Marie Kondo Method. Getting your space organised and tidy can be hard work at first, but you can save a lot of energy by not having to search for everything you need.

I really hope these tips help you if like me you are dealing with fatigue at the moment. When fatigue flares take it as a chance to slow down and not to feel frustration build.

Namaste xxx

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  • Stacey Chapman

    I love this: “I live my life walking a tightrope between those things every day at the moment, frustrated and seeing how much I can do before I crash”.
    It’s so true and it’s sometimes an impossible rope to walk.
    I think you do a great job of lining up some tips.
    We “Marie Kondo’d” here, about two years ago and I’m totally with you. It helped so much, especially mentally.

    Be well ❤️ and hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • BeverleyButterfly

      Organisation makes such a difference to our mental health, it is hard to do at first, but after that initial work oh my goodness it really helps plus you are not then wasting spoons looking for things xx

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