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Simple mindfulness practices for every day

Many of us struggle with being in the moment, too often people say they have tried it and can’t do it or don’t know where to start. So here are some simple mindfulness practices for every day.

simple mindfulness practices for every day
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Like many people here in the West, I first heard of mindfulness when I was in therapy as it is something that has been colonised and reused by our psychiatry services. I have spent a long time decolonising my witchcraft practice and trying to be more respectful.

Mindfulness is good for our mental health! And it is something that has greatly helped my relationship with my negative thoughts!

However, it is not something to try once and give up on, nor is it something to just use during meditation as many people think. Mindfulness is a beautiful way of being present, of not worrying about the future or replaying the past.

It can bring you closer to the people around you because you are listening to them instead of assuming what they are saying. It has changed my life because I practice it all day every day, that doesn’t mean I am good at it or that I ignore my feelings.

What it does mean is that I realise when I am lost in my thoughts, I pay attention to the people around me and I try my best to feel my feelings as they happen and not let my thoughts dictate how I am feeling.

But this takes practice and the want to do it, it is not something you can be good at but instead is something you want to do in order to enjoy your precious life not allowing moments to pass you by. So here are some practices to do every day:

Simple mindfulness practices for every day

  • Washing up – take this time to be present, the feeling of the water on your hands, making sure everything is clean and listening to your breath. Associating a task with mindfulness is a wonderful place to start and washing up using most of your senses so is perfect.
  • A hot drink – in many cultures a cup of tea is a ritual, as it also is in witchcraft. The time it takes for the tea to steep and then taking a mindful moment to sit and enjoy it is perfect for practicing mindfulness. Slow down and sit, look outside into nature or even sit outside take your time and enjoy.
  • Having a chat – next time someone is talking to you give them your full attention and listen! Take the time to put down whatever you are doing, and listen to what they are saying instead of assuming what they will say or listening to your thoughts. Most of us never realise we are not listening to the other person and trust me your relationships will strengthen if you do this.
  • Having a shower – this is not the time to rush, this is time for self care and to treat yourself to some mindfulness. Be present and feel the water on your body, give yourself a scalp massage while you wash your hair and use it like a ritual of me time. You will come to see showers as a lovely self care time no matter what products you are using!

Assigning mindfulness and self care to any every day routine task is a great way to start learning to stay mindful throughout the day. Starting your morning with a meditation will wake you up and help you to cleanse your thoughts.

Mindfulness assigned to small tasks soon add up, conversations, fussing your pets taking a shower, eating a meal and soon like a join the dots game one day you realise you spent most of the day being mindful and not letting your mental health rule or ruin your day!

Do you practice mindfulness? Or have you tried it and given up when it didn’t come easily to you?

I hope these simple mindfulness practices for every day will give you the stepping stones for a better and more fulfilling life. I know it has for me so keep trying it’s a practice not something to be good at

Thank you xx

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