So summer has finally arrived

So summer has finally arrived
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So, summer has finally arrived in England and for those of us with chronic illnesses who find it hard to regulate our body temperature it’s not great! Honestly, I cannot step outside to enjoy the sunshine because it is so bright and hot, but our houses are insulated so it’s really hot inside too!

Currently I am sat on my sofa in the living room, but yesterday I spent the whole day in bed tired, in pain and with a really bad headache. Today is much the same except my EDS joints are very unstable and painful and I am sat in the living room which is the coolest room in our home.

It’s so difficult to know what to do for the best when all you want to do is rest and try to get to autumn as fast as possible. I thought I would share some things that have worked for me this summer heatwave:

So Summer has finally arrived tips and tricks

Use a fan: my whole life my family have used tower fans as a way to keep cool, those small desk ones just don’t seem to do the job. It can be hard to find powerful ones but once you find one that works for you, you will never go back. A tip is to have one on a small stool at the bottom of your bed oscillating all night to keep the air moving.
Migraine strips: so this might seem like a strange one, but we use Kool n Sooth a brand that you place on your forehead. This cools and soothes what I call head headaches though I’m sure they have a name as well as providing a little cooling in the hot weather….though you do look silly in them so not recommended for public use.
Cool shower: if you are able to, a cool shower just before bed is a game changer! It helps me feel human again after sweating all day and leaves your skin cool for getting into bed which helps you to sleep.
Stay hydrated: the recommended daily amount of water for an adult is 7-8 glasses a day. When the temperature rises the amount of water your body needed also rises, so keep a bottle or glass of water beside you and sip sip sip all day!
Stay indoors: I love being in nature, but being out in this heat is not a good idea especially if you deal with dizziness or fainting! I tend to pop outside in the late evening to soak up some sun energy when the world is a little cooler to get some fresh air

So summer has finally arrived and I hope these things that have helped me will help you survive this time of year too. I wish you good luck in this warm weather, and if you have any tips or tricks you think could help out your fellow warriors definitely leave them in the comments.

Namaste xxx

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  • mandy mcconechy

    Hi, I am so sorry that the heat is making everything worse for you. i would love to collaborate – i work with people with FM through their central nervous system to downregulate the pain caused by the hyper sensitive nerve endings.

    It is really effective and makes huge changes n the body each session, allowing people to experince things they never dream of such as sitting in the cinema through a whole film and enjoying every moment – and that was 2 sesisons in!!

    I wouldlove to share this with more people suffering chronic pain and fatigue to allow thenm to realise the life that they want but have been unable to have so far xx

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