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5 Preparations To Make When a Family Member Is Gravely Ill

You never want to think the worst or make plans for a scenario that may not happen, but when a loved one is gravely ill, there are certain practicalities you need to consider. Before you work through your emotions and start to experience feelings of grief, you can start making preparations ahead of time. Whether they’ve been chronically sick for a while, or they’re quickly deteriorating from a sudden illness, now is the right time to put a couple of advanced plans in place. Not only will this help you to deal with the inevitable later down the line, but you will also be sure that your family member has their wishes acknowledged when they have passed away.

  1. Make Sure Their Will is In Order

Nowadays it’s very common for people of all ages to have a will in place, but now would be the ideal time to make sure your family member is happy with their arrangements. This will not only help you to fulfill their wishes, but it will save a lot of stress and worry if they do pass away in the near future.

  1. Talk to Them About Their Funeral Wishes

Although it may feel like an awful conversation to have with your family member, it will make sure you choose the right type of funeral or memorial that they would have wanted. Between their own ideas and the guidance of reputable funeral directors in your local area, you can plan a dignified, meaningful and loving ceremony that your family member would be proud of.

  1. Spend Time With Them

During the final stages of their life, all your loved one will want for you is love, support and some quality time with you. Depending on their illness, you may want to have conversations with them, play card games, watch a movie and just generally be by their side during these moments. You will be grateful to share these final memories together, and they will be happy that you were there to comfort them during such difficult moments.

  1. Lean on Loved Ones for Support

This is inevitably going to be an extremely hard time in your life, so it’s important to lean on people for support. Going through a close family illness and bereavement can start to take its toll on your mental health, so make sure you keep talking and express your emotions to people you trust the most.

  1. Plan to Take Some Time off Work

Now is not the time for you to focus on work or additional social activities, so try to clear your diary and put your family first. You don’t want to add any extra stress or workload onto your shoulders during such an emotionally taxing time in your life.

When your family member is gravely ill it’s important to be kind to yourself, and surround yourself with supportive people. It’s an upsetting, emotionally demanding and unprecedented experience that you will be able to navigate with the right support system around you.

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