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6 Little Ways To Lift Your Mood In Under 10 Minutes

We are never in a constant state of being. Our emotions fluctuate like the tides. One moment we may feel uncomfortable, the next elated, or sometimes depressed. In a nutshell;

Happiness is not a destination; it’s a way of life.

And so, accepting that there’s work for you to do to lift your mood when you’re feeling blue is essential. It stops you from relying on the notion or hopes a certain unwanted feeling will just pass without you doing anything at all. And that putting some effort into lifting your mood can go a long way. 

Picture by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels – CC0 Licence

Here are six little ways to lift your mood in under 10 minutes. 

Put Some Music On

One tool that will shift your mood instantly is some upbeat music. Music is powerful; it can raise your spirits and encourage you to do other things that boost your outlook, too, like dancing and singing!

Retail Therapy

Most of us get a dopamine rush when we buy something new. A bit of retail therapy could give you some happiness, and it doesn’t need to be expensive either. 

You could order some new e-liquid from or buy a dress you’ve been looking at for a while. 

Shopping isn’t a long-term solution to more significant problems, but now and then, it can lift your mood when you feel like you’re in a slump.

Take A Walk

Whether rain or shine, go for a 5-minute walk. The fresh air and exercise, as you’ve probably heard a million times over, will do you good – and that’s because it will. It’ll stimulate your body and mind and can help to shift a grumpy mood that’s dragging you down.

Revisit Happy Moments

Susan Biali M.D. A doctor and wellness expert from Psychology today advises reflecting on a few things that are going well in your day. And if you have a chance to replay them in your mind. 

Susan explains thinking about positive things that have happened recently will help bring back the positive feelings associated with those moments. 

Tidy Up

If you can’t muster up the energy to walk out of the house, use what energy you do have to make your surroundings tidier. 

Messy and cluttered spaces provide the perfect habitat for your mind to go into anxiety-overdrive. 

A quick declutter, a hoover here, and a bit of polishing there could be what you need to live your mood and help you think more positively and clearly.

Hug It Out

If your spouse is nearby, give them a big hug. Being affectionate and receiving affection stimulates oxytocin. This bonding hormone makes you feel loved, connected, and gives you a feel-good boost.

Staying in a sad or angry mood for too long can be damaging for your physical and mental health. And so, making a continuous effort to take care of yourself by lifting your mood when you need it most is essential. 

Happiness comes in waves. It’ll find you again. – Unknown

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